Metal Rivets

We are one of the biggest in-stock suppliers of rivets and permanent fasteners. Our rivets are normally made from ductile steel or wrought iron. A large assortment of rivets can be availed from us in finest grades of brass, aluminium and copper, in sizes ranging from 3/8, 7/10, 4/4, 4/3, 5/6, 7/8. In addition to these standard sizes, we can also customize our range on the parameters of sizes as per the specific requirements of our clients. Tubular, semi tubular or solid, our metal rivets provide unmatched support to all automotive applications.

Bajaj Export’s inventory incudes everything from blind rivets, drive rivets, solid rivets, and rivet nuts, to brake lining rivets, tinner rivets, semi-tubular rivets, large steel rivets and split rivets. We offer many variations of our standard rivets to match individual specifications.

Metal rivets are higher in quality and less costly that other forms of steel or plastic rivets. Our rivets provide maximum safety and reliability under any challenging condition.

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