Disc Brake Pads

We manufacture disc brake pads in rigid moulded asbestos friction material & asbestos free friction material. They are dark grey in colour specially formulated for passenger car & utility vehicle. These disc brake pads consist of a composite of mineral, aramid & metal fibres, which are bonded together in a matrix of high quality modified thermoset resin. These materials surpass all the established quality parameter of conventional asbestos & asbestos free brake disc pads. They offer improved friction stability under wide operating conditions, cause no judder, vibration or noise, & possess low wear properties – both of friction material as well as its mating surface. They offer high stopping performance and prevent too much heating of the brakes.

In addition to these brake pads, we also have the expertise to offer different brake parts and spare parts such as friction discs, brake operating levers, brake pads and plates and rim brake shoe-cover plates. Our pads delay disc fading and help it recover more quickly from immersion and other braking problems. Our disk brake pads find great application in automobiles of companies like Audi, Volkswagon, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot among others.

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