Brake Linings

Brake lining is an essential part of a braking system of vehicles. When the brakes are applied, the brake lining is the part that comes into contact with the brake drum.

To meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers of vehicles in India and abroad, we have introduced a wide range of asbestos and asbestos automotive brake linings. The heavy duty brake linings find application in commercial vehicles including Bed Ford, Leyland, Mercedes Benz, Magirus, Eicher, Man & other widely accepted international vehicles. The brake linings are used in light commercial vehicles, passenger cars, three and two wheels.

We use new and updated materials to make brake pads that offer great resistance to the friction of the brake drums. These are made of heat resistant material soft but sturdy, with a high coefficient of dynamic friction. In this category, we offer rubber brake linings, asbestos brake linings, automotive brake linings, which are made with a unique blend of ingredients such as asbestos, friction dust, resins etc.

When the coating is worn out, support or rivets will contact the rotors or drums during braking, often causing damage that will require re-machining or replacement of rotors or drums.

Replacing brake pads is cheaper than replacing your brake drums. The coatings are easy to remove and service.


  • Economy Range: asbestos and asbestos free, excellent base for braking and stability.
  • HMB – Hills Mine, Bus – Asbestos and asbestos free based with low wear rate, longer service life compatible with drum and superior fade recovery.

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