Brake Disc Rotors & Brake Drums

The brake disc is the disc component of a disc brake against which the brake pads are applied. Brake rotors are an important component in the braking system that stops your vehicle. Brake rotors are what your vehicle’s brake pads clamp down on, to stop the wheels from spinning. There are two major types of high-performance brake rotors — drilled and slotted.

Bajaj Export Corporation offers high quality brake disc rotors for all types of vehicles of Tata, Mitsubishi, Force, Skoda, Opel and other such brands. Our rotors are built with point-to-point specifications. They protect the brakes from fading. They are heat, gas and water-resistant.

Slowing down or stopping a heavy vehicle requires a lot of friction from the brakes. The friction between the brake pads and the brake rotors generates a lot of heat. It’s important to use tested and certified brake rotors for heavy applications.

Drum brakes work on the same principle as disc brakes. Many cars have drum brakes on the rear wheels and disc brakes on the front. Our drum brakes cater to all high power vehicles’ requirements. They have the following advantages:

  • Prevent rust and corrosion with clear-look coating protection
  • Provide a clean look for open-wheeled vehicles
  • Are 100% balanced for smooth operation
  • Have a factory-engraved edge code and minimum thickness specifications

The Complete Range of Brake Disc Rotors & Brake Drums is manufactured as per O.E specifications. We make products like drum brakes, disc brakes, brake drum puller, brake pads and rotors and disc brake rotor etc.

Our products are capable of surviving high temperatures without excessive wear or fading.

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